Results of the Satin Pajama Awards

You can still see all the finalists and their share of votes on the award page. They’re all worth a visit. I declare the awards a great success!

Here are the winners of the 1st Annual European Weblog Awards, also known as the Satin Pajamas:

Best Coverage of the EU: Publius by various
Best Weblog From France: Journal d’un avocat by Eolas
Best Weblog From Germany: Lyssas Lounge by Lyssa
Best Political Weblog: Slugger O?Toole by Mick Fealty et al
Best Non-European Weblog: One Good Thing by Leigh Anne Wilson
Best New Weblog: Pestiside by Erik D’Amato et al
Best Humorous Weblog: Sadly, No! by Seb
Best Weblog Focused On A Single Country Or Region: The Glory of Carniola by Michael Manske
Best Tech Weblog: thinking with my fingers by Torill Mortensen
Best Weblog From the United Kingdom: by various
Best Southeastern European Weblog: Histologion by Talos
Best Personal Weblog: de bric et de blog by Veuve Tarquine
Best CIS Weblog: Siberian Light by Andy
Best Weblog By An Expatriate: Au Texas, tout le monde est fou sauf moi by Pasfolle
Best Culture Weblog: by Emmanuelle Richard
Weblog Most Deserving of Wider Recognition: Non Tibi Spiro by Guy
Best Writing: How to learn Swedish in 1000 difficult lessons by Francis Strand

and finally (drumroll) …

Best Weblog: The Glory of Carniola by Michael Manske

Congratulations, everyone!

16 thoughts on “Results of the Satin Pajama Awards

  1. I want to thank the Academy, and my husband who’s always been there for me, and of course, David Weman and the rest of the fingers that make up the Fistful of Euros, and…

  2. Slggrtl shld hv bn dsqlfd frm th K pll. Mst f th blgs r bt md rsh htmngrs. Ths ppl d nt blg nthng tht sms Brtsh t m!

  3. *sob*, I want to dedicate this prize to the other Southeastern European blog which was not nominated because its members are part of the fistful… *snifff*.

    Anyway – what’s the prize exactly, and is it already wired to the swiss bank account number you requested I send you?

    Oh and do I have to rent a tuxedo for the ceremony or would a suit suffice?

    Thanks Fistful! this was fun and informative.

  4. Isn’t there a price for number2s ? Or, do 2 second places make for one award ? (well, I sort of have 1/8th of an award with publius, should be happy with that).
    Congratulations to all winning blogs. That was a fierce competition. And thanks a lot to afoe. We have never been as european as during this week, checking who was leading what in what category and asking visitors to vote for us with sometimes intriguing arguments. I’ve been visiting blogs from 14 differents european countries !
    I’m just so sorry for petite, and deceived. I hoped to see her in her pajamas.

  5. Well, she posted this on GoC yesterday:

    “I’m feeling rather relieved as I didn’t even possess any satin pyjamas and I’d like to back away from my rather rash promise with some dignity.

    Vote Carniola!”

  6. What do I get for third?

    Buggeration – this is what always happens when I have to go up against people with better blogs and more readers… Curses!

    And in the spirit of good sportsmanship, congrats to all the winners – from those I know, the results seem fair. Except in the categories I was up in, obviously…

  7. Versac, I’m equally disappointed. I think she should have won..

    Really warm thanks to everyone for the support. I’m genuinely flattered by the results, even though I recognize that a lot of lucky events (Crooked Timber not flexing its muscle, PA not fighting to the bitter finish, other big fish not competing) conspired to help me win. Still. I’ve been reading a lot of the nominated blogs for a long time, and was delighted to even be included in their good company.

    I think something to think about for next year (if there is a next year) would be to have only bloggers vote, under the principle of “one blog, one vote.” I can imagine that this would help level the playing field a bit and would also prevent bigger blogs from simply dumping their readers on the vote, or fighting wars of attrition with each other. I don’t know. I’m sure that David doesn’t even want to hear the word “blog” for a few weeks, so I’ll be quiet. Thanks again to everyone!

  8. I am honoured to have been nomineed and moreover to get the second prize, especially since this year I’ve had a terrible schedule with very little time for this little hobby of mine. Congrats to everybody, I’ve read most of the nominees for a long time now – that is very good stuff.

    A big thanks to all my faithful readers and to the others who found @rgumente valuable and also to the AFOE for making this happen.


  9. I begged, slutted, growled and made impossible promises for this prize – it has better be worth it! (Atually it is – can you see the grin? 😀 )

  10. Thank you very much! I will sit by the mailbox every day to wait for my pajamas. Would you mind sending a robe, too? It’s cold in Chicago right now.

  11. I would like to thank AFOE and David for organising this treasure hunt. And I agree with Michael M., a one blog one vote contest could be more interesting.

  12. Greetings and congratulations from Pestiside to all victors and vanquished; your heroism is already legendary among our town and country folk, and we salute you.

    A few thoughts re next year. Apologies for the length, but I don’t have a blog I can post them on!

    First, I agree that a pure popularity contest is not the way to do this. Forget about people just voting for their favorite or home-country sites; it doesn’t work because even the most omnivorous readers simply will not evaluate all the sites being nominated. But popularity contests are fun and engage readers and, frankly, if it’s just a jury who will give a shit? So I say mix the two, giving equal weight to the popular vote in each category as well as a panel (Senate?) of esteemed Eurobloggers. This would also help prevent ties.

    Second, and far more importantly, there is in my mind a big misunderstanding about why some of us are not so interested in being lumped in with other blogs. From what I could tell – I don’t read French, etc. – most of the nominated and victorious blogs are outlets for quasi-academic discussions of meta-politics, or personal musings on a range of topics big and small. All fine and good, but over here we are trying to do something different, namely take on a second-language media that is both unreadable and so captured by commercial interests that it would probably fail Freedom House’s test for being “free.” (And believe it or not, in Hungary’s case the situation seems to be getting worse.) So while people who have checked out the site in the last few days may have mostly noticed my fondness for slightly over-the-top satire, our bigger passion is for breaking news and, to use a phrase that is unfortunately now somewhat clich?d, speaking truth to power. As a result of this work – which in one case directly led to a change of management at the largest foreign business association here – I have received numerous threats, and have even been called in by diplomats of a certain well-known superpower and encouraged to play ball. And it’s because of this that I often get emails from people containing sentences like this, which just came in a few minutes ago, and apparently unrelated to the contest: “What Budapest English-language media should have always been!”

    I don’t say all this just to be a snotty bitch, but to suggest that perhaps there should be a category for those blogs that use the medium to actively attack the failures in their local media markets, rather than commenting on Tim Garten Ash’s last piece in the New York Review or what they had for lunch in their funny little corner of the continent, etc. (Not that this isn’t also interesting and good…) I would suggest calling it the “Georgy Gongadze Award for Online Muckraking” or somesuch, and suggest that it be considered a very high honor, especially if you win it after getting beheaded or run out of town.

    Finally, any and all are welcome to stop by for a coffee or a fr?ccs (wine spritzer) the next time you are in Budapest – even you, Manske.

    All the best,


  13. I also think Michael M has had an interesting idea.

    Many thanks for organising it, and also thanks and ‘hello’ to the people who visited my little site through here.

  14. “Georgy Gongadze Award for Online Muckraking? or somesuch, and suggest that it be considered a very high honor, especially if you win it after getting beheaded or run out of town.” — Your comments are just plain wrong – and it is not even remotely funny or clever.

    It is sad that you would target a reporter who lost his life while trying to report the truth to the world regarding events in his country. How did you become so cold and dead of heart that the loss of a human life has become for you the basis of “jest”? You owe his family an apology.

  15. I was not “targeting” Gongadze – I was paying tribute to him. And if you think that making a black joke about the perils of journalism using Gongadze as an example is proof that I have a dead heart, I would say that’s just proof that you have a dead brain.

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