Quiz time

Bored? Think you’re an expert on EU matters? Then try the BBC’s Brussels Brainbuster quiz. OK, it’s just 10 multiple choice questions, not really a true brainbuster, but it should fill a minute or two of your time. You can even share your results with everyone else in the comments section – especially if you beat my rather pathetic 7/10 and want to gloat.

14 thoughts on “Quiz time

  1. 6/10 but I’ve only spent 8 weeks in Europe in the last 7 years so I think I did pretty well.

  2. I loved that “Quietly Made Valid” option in the 10th question – I think it has the ring of truth to it, and ought to be accepted as a correct response.

  3. 9/10 Thought the ombudsman went to the ECJ and not to Parliament. Not bad for an American, though.

  4. I think 7/10 is a remarkably good score. This opinion owes nothing to the fact that I managed to achieve it.

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