Quick-Reaction Alert

So France gets a new president. So I’m jumping from the window, running to the AFOE control room..

Nicolas Sarkozy’s first act as President has been to go for a “retreat” in the monastic surroundings of a giant yacht belonging to media boss Vincent Bolloré, who claims to have no business with the French government. Well, well, well.

Except for this one, under which his SDV Group logistics firm gets the job to carry the French diplomatic bag. €5.6 million to you. Or this one, of indefinite value, under which his firm gets the job of transporting cash (and medals!) by air for the Ministry of Finance. That is, Sarko’s old job.

Or, finally, this one, under which SDV gets the contract to provide all the French Ministry of Defence’s air charters, for some €36 million. Hat tip to Arnaud Labrousse, and these guys.

1 thought on “Quick-Reaction Alert

  1. I am actually extremely disappointed by the news that the retreat is so conventional – a Tony Blair/Silvio Berlusconi millionaire’s yacht type affair, with a bit of equally conventional profitable insider dealing being a potential outcome. Hardly innovative.

    I was instrumental in spreading a rumour on the blogosphere that the retreat by Sarkozy was to a monastery. My mistake was genuine – I had Sky News on at the time and the information was supplied by their reporter. Perhaps an understandable word association with the idea of this being a “retreat” in the classic Catholic tradition. Nonetheless, the excitement that Sarkozy might well be about to hear voices speak to him within a cloistered and austere cell was far more entertaining for our American friends than a good old-fashioned piece of champagne sharing with a favoured entrepreneur.

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