Questions for Radio Yerevan

Q: Hello Radio Yerevan, was it a good idea to leave Tbilisi on Sunday?

A: In principle, yes. Though it would be better if one of the vehicles in the caravan does not break down after the lunch break in northern Armenia.

Q: Dzien dobry Radio Yerevan, is it a good idea to have local talent repair a broken vehicle?

A: In principle, yes. Though this will mean many people looking over many shoulders, a lack of technical communication, and there are dialectic limits to what can be done on the scene.

Q: Jo napot Radio Yerevan, if the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, is it acceptable to have it towed to the mechanic’s garage?

A: In principle, yes, especially if all of the women and children have gone onward in another vehicle. Though it would be better if the tow rope would not break twice on the narrow mountain road. Also, overtaking is generally not recommended at this stage of development.

Q: Dober dan Radio Yerevan, is it permissible to leave the vehicle at the mechanic’s unmarked garage, at an unfindable location in a city you are unfamiliar with?

A: In principle, no. But there are not many other options at this point, are there?

Q: Laba diena Radio Yerevan, is it good doctrine to take a taxi to Yerevan?

A: In principle, no. The people’s transportation should suffice. However, the taxi provided by the people’s representative may be the least aggravating part of the whole journey.

Q: Bari or, Radio Yerevan. What are all these shops doing open after midnight? Is this the new party line?

In principle, no. The party line is to be found in the cafes and the dance clubs. Welcome to Yerevan!

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  1. I lived in Yerevan for two years, leaving just a few months ago.

    I believe. Oh, I believe.

    Doug M.

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