I’m a great supporter of proportional representation, in particularly STV, and not a foul-weather friend like Gordon Brown (my election 2005 first thoughts were “55% of the seats on 36% of the vote though. Can we have PR?”). Thus I was quite surprised last night in Nick Clegg’s interview to see that he didn’t seem to be aware that a party could win most votes but not most seats. It was quite strange – he genuinely didn’t seem to understand Paxman’s point. I guess he might have been pretending not to understand, in order to ignore it, and I suppose it would hardly lose him votes.

2 thoughts on “PR

  1. Meh. Once coalitions shake out, 40% of the seats can easily be 0% of the influence, even with PR.

  2. Yes; interesting. Either he didn’t want to get technical, which I can understand, or he’s not very clever, which is consistent with his background, including Cambridge Arch and Anth.

    BTW: I see the point on STV, but it’s not really PR. PR would guarantee seats to the BNP and give UKIP an extra leg up. Is one worth the price of the other? Dunno, and don’t expect Clegg to know either.

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