Potentially A Big Deal

So is nobody in the Italian media actually writing about it?

But for nearly a month, Rome has been silent on what is potentially one of its biggest political stories: Umberto Bossi, the charismatic and outspoken leader of the once separatist Northern League, is gravely ill. Bossi, 62, has been in a medically induced coma since suffering a heart attack on March 11. But after his wife demanded a press blackout, coverage has been limited to brief League declarations that Bossi is expected to be back in fighting form for the European Parliament election campaign this spring.

Medically induced coma? Does not sound like a good way to prepare for an election campaign.

And without Bosssi? Can the Liga Norda stay together as a party? Can Berlusconi hold the coalition together?

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  1. They’re writing about it, but not much. Here for example is a
    comment from the Corriere della Sera honoring the desire for respect, etc. but criticizing the complete blackout.

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