Are you interested in an afoe app?

Gentle readers,  as you are certainly aware, there have been a couple of technological advances since the first post was written by the fistful in September 2003. One of the most important of those has certainly been what is often called “the mobile web”. Since more and more people are consuming their news and reading blogs on mobile devices, I was wondering if there is a demand among you, gentle readers, to read this blog in the form of a native app for your favorite mobile operating system, or if you are still entirely ok with using the website or our RSS-feed.

So I created the following poll, which you can use to help decide that question.

[poll id=”28″]

But as to so many things, there may be a backend to the first question. So, if you answered “yes” in the first poll, it would be great if you could also indicate if you’d be ready to chip in for the added development costs (developer program participation, etc…), or not. For that, I’ve created the following poll.

[poll id=”29″]

Thanks for your help!

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4 thoughts on “Are you interested in an afoe app?

  1. I don’t get it — why not just use an RSS Reader to access and parse the stream directly to the phone? Leave the site the way it is and let the app developers find better ways to parse RSS feeds and blogs.

    Otherwise we’d have to get an app for every single blog we follow.

  2. Chris, yeah, I basically agree, I just got some questions from people who wonder if there would be an afoe app to read the blog on their iPhones, and so I wondered if there’s actually more people interested in a native, and specific app. I can’t help but get the impression that not just a few people don’t think of the browser first when they think of accessing content on their idevices, they think “there’s an app for everything”…

    Hence the poll to clarify the actual need…

  3. Apps are the way future shocked media corporations attempt to make the Internet feel more like home. Late adopters have caught that wave, but as the users get more proficient they realize how superior the native ways are : web browsing and publishing streams cover all the use cases without walling the user inside a pointless proprietary container.

  4. I have to say, I started out with the Guardian’s iPhone app when that was new, but found after a while it just didn’t get much use. What is undeniably good, though, is mobile-specific web formatting: I voted for the app, though, because, hey, why not?

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