First this

then this

then this

quite apart from the possibility that a moose will fall on your car, or that an elk will steal your bicycle.

Will Europe ever get back to politics? Or away from its televisions? Or its large ruminants?

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3 thoughts on “Politics?

  1. To increase interest in politics, EU and any government-related details, just get the interested parties to play a game of football. The side that wins, gets their way. Forget debates and voting. I’m not sure how many people would tune in to watch bellied, middle-aged men kick around a ball and get wheezy, but I think it would make the entire process of voting more appealing (Lepper? No way, he had heart problems last week…there’s no way he’d last on the field for 90 minutes! I’m voting for Jan Maria Rokita, he looks fitter.)

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