A couple of newish blogs that Fistful readers might find interesting: Transition Trends, a blog from the people behind Transitions Online, and Lose The Delusion, a British blog that describes itself as ‘proudly battling Euroscepticism’. Feel free to plug any other new and interesting blogs in the comments.

And to plug ourselves, if you’re a LiveJournal user then you might be interested to know that Fistful is available as an LJ feed.

2 thoughts on “Pluggage

  1. My Life in the Bush of Ghosts is a blog written by a brit now living in belgium and has several contributors (UK-based). it’s basically a rant about blair and the mad goings-on in the UK, with iraq and other oddities including the EU thrown in.

  2. The Road to Euro Serfdom is another good relative newcomer – although it’s been going for a couple of months now. Intelligent, reasonably-argued Euroscepticism. Fairly rare, I find. I disagree with the guy nine times out of ten, but he almost always makes a strong case, and has an uncanny knack for spotting stories.

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