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It’s in German, but the idea behind this game should be obvious to everyone – it gives you a capital city and you have to ‘throw’ a dart to hit its location on the map. I was closest to the centre of Lisbon (just 18km out, which is effectively a direct hit, given the scale of the map) and a slightly embarrassing 406km away from Moscow. (found via The Ex-Communicator)

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  1. Within 200km of everything but Moscow, which is not nearly as far east as I thought. Within 101km of everything but Paris, Madrid, Kiev and Ankara. Clearly Central Europe is my thing. Closest to Belgrade (22km) and Rome (28km).

  2. Total 1262; second worst: Warshaw at 70 km; two best: Prague at 10 km (that was luck), Budapest at 12 km (that wasn’t).

    I guess we all got Moscow wrong (me by 363 km) because we are used to pre-1991 maps.

    BTW, don’t you think RTL themselves got Brussels, Vienna and Bern not just a bit wrong?…

  3. Total: 949 km. I really nailed Kiev — 3 km away! But yes, the rivers make it far too easy. (Though I also got within 9 km of Copenhagen.)

  4. Heh 🙂

    I checked with a map, and I stand by it: they placed Brussels in the environs of Lier and Geel (some 40km off), they moved Bern 35km off somewhere into the Jura, and Vienna is not at the bend of the Danube but 15km to the South. If we’re at it, wasn’t Athens moved to wholly different shores?…

  5. Total error: 486km. Best result was a direct hit on Belgrade…worst was missing Moscow by 152km and London (bizarrely) by 61km.

    It reminds of the early radar experiment where the scientists were horrified to find absolutely no sign of the contact when they came to demonstrate it to the powerful (including Churchill if memory serves) – until they realised that it was obscured by the cross hairs….

  6. I can really close on all the Western European capitals. I nailed Ankara Athens Dublin London Paris The Hague Lisbon Madrid Rome Copenhagen Oslo Stockholm and Helsinki, all within 50 km. Dublin I snagged with 12. Don’t ask about Eastern Europe…

    Not bad for a Middle Easterner who lives in the US, eh?

  7. DoDo: Yes Athens is placed by the folks that created the game on the other side of Attica quite possibly even outside it. They’re off by at least~ 40 km I’d say.

  8. Since napoleon.

    Amsterdam is the capitol but parlement etc. are housed in the Hague. But the crowning of the queen is done in Amsterdam.

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