People Like Us

From German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble weekend surge of editorials on the Eurozone crisis (via Süddeutsche Zeitung) —

Alle internationalen Studien bestätigen dies, genauso wie die EZB, die EU-Kommission, die OECD und auch der IWF – in der Reihenfolge geleitet übrigens von einem Italiener, einem Portugiesen, einem Mexikaner und einer Französin.

Roughly: All international studies confirm this [importance of sound fiscal policy] — from the ECB, European Commission, OECD and IMF, led in each case by an Italian, a Portuguese, a Mexican and a French woman.

The nationalities are presumably meant to indicate the non-Northern European nature of this consensus. But is it really going to appeal to the unemployed Italian, Portuguese, Mexican, or French that one of their nationals happens to be head of an international organization — staffed heavily from by-the-books economists — which produces studies justifying the policies from which they experience adverse effects?

UPDATE: An English version of the piece appears in The Guardian.

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  1. This was aimed at the German readership. A preemptive denial of imperialism.

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