So, it's parenting that's responsible for last year's riots. Speaking in that capacity, there's a pretty good chance I'd have been proud of a kid of mine who took part in the 1981 riots. Last year's riots, not so much. But then I don't really know. Maybe the political aspect of 1981 seems good to me now because I'm missing my youth, and maybe the greed and  violence shown last year seems that way as a function of my middle age. Such is the condition of being a parent.

Having said that, after seeing the justice on offer after last year's riots there is absolutely no way I'd give my kid up to the cops if I knew he was involved last year, provided his involvement was limited to potential property crime. You have a responsibility to make your kids face justice, but also a responsibility to protect them from revenge. It is, in fact, the same responsibility.

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  1. The property crime was part of the whole, it emboldened people to do even stupider things. I don’t have kids at the moment, but I hope when I do my first reaction to this:

    “The report points out that half the recorded offences in the riots were for looting, often of high-value products including designer clothes, trainers, mobile phones and computers.”

    —that, ouch, their priorities are broken, some negative consequences for something so stupid mightn’t go astray—remains much the same.

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