paranoia is total awareness

A quick Woerth/Bettencourt note. The prosecutor-general for Versailles has intervened in the complex dispute between jurisdictions in the case, in which the prosecutor for Nanterre, Philippe Courroye, an old political chum of Nicolas Sarkozy’s, has been trying to prevent the case being sent to an investigating judge. As the Versailles prosecutor is Courroye’s official superior, they’re in a position to simply order the whole mess shifted out of his responsibility, which would trigger a judicial inquiry.

Meanwhile, just to add an extra something to the general atmosphere of paranoia and zizanie, journalists’ laptops keep disappearing, in a string of burglaries at Le Point, Le Monde, and Mediapart. There’s an interview with one of the journalists here, who turns out to be the same one who was being illegally wiretapped.

He says he doesn’t want to “wallow in paranoia”, but frankly, who’d pass up an opportunity like this?

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