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No one’s asking me, but I’d vote “oui”. Should you be interested to know why, I’ve laid out my reasons in luckily idiomatically edited French in my replies to publius’ questions, which they posted yesterday. They also posted the Eulogist’s replies as well as a plethora of their own reasons for their personal final decisions (publius).

However, one of the best quotes I’ve read with respect to the referendum is from a French friend of mine, who wrote in an email yesterday

Tu sais, Chirac a encore parl? jeudi soir pour le r?f?rendum. S’il voulait VRAIMENT que le oui gagne, il aurait dit la chose suivante: “CHERS FRANCAIS, SI VOUS VOTEZ OUI, JE DONNE MA DEMISSION LUNDI !”

“You know, Chirac once again spoke about the referendum Thursday evening. Had he really wanted the yes camp to win, he would have said the following: My fellow Frenchmen, if you vote ‘yes’, I will resign on Monday.”

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  1. Well thanks a lot, Tobias, for your answers.
    Next time we hold a referendum on the constitution, I’ll keep you posted with a new bunch of questions.

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