Outbreak of Arseholes in Central Europe

Hungarian intellectuals are protesting against the owner of the newspaper Magyar Hirlap, after the paper started printing some genuinely shocking anti-semitic opinions. Specifically, its new columnist Zsolt Bayer took it on himself to describe “the Budapest Jewish journalists” as “justification Jews; their mere existence justifies anti-Semitism”. That’s pretty ugly; it doesn’t help that the trope about Budapest Jewish journalists is an old extreme-right standard that reaches back before the Second World War, and which was pulled out of the rhetorical shed, oiled, and sent back out on the track after 1989 to attack the rootless cosmpolitans, etc, who supposedly characterised the revolutionaries.

It doesn’t help that the newspaper involved has had its political line flipped through 180 degrees since 2005, when Gabor Szeles bought the paper and sacked the editorial team, bringing in people like Bayer instead.

Meanwhile, round the corner in Austria, the head of one half of the FPO, Hans-Christian Strache is trying to draw attention to himself by leaping into bed with, ahem, the vice president of the Serbian Radical Party and a bunch of maniacs from Bulgaria. Why for such a mess? It seems he wants to prevent the decline and fall of Europe.

As a patriotically thinking person, I respect anyone who is conscious of their homeland, wherever they come from. Kosovo has seceded against international law. Therefore, I support the Serbs’ just cause in this question and maintain contact with Mr Nikolic, who is as little right-radical as Mr Sidorov. I’m not scared of contagion, quite the contrary. I believe that Europe’s patriot, whether Serbian, Croatian, or French, have recognised one thing; the decline and fall of Europe can only be prevented together. We are heading for a dissolution of the diversity of cultures in the soup of European unity; European patriots have recognised this.

His plans to head off the decline and fall of Europe include having mosques, but only so long as they don’t have minarets or muezzins.

The good news, of course, is that he’s waving his arms from the comfort of political irrelevance.

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  2. Headline of the day! You certainly got my attention, and it is a good thing that you did. Interesting tendency that you describe in Hungary, and I wasn’t previosuly aware of Gabor Szeles’ actions regarding the paper.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Strangely, I was just about to post something very obnoxious and offensive about the Macedonia name issue.

    I think you’ve blocked that niche for at least the next couple of days, though.

    Doug M.

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