Orange in Berlin

Not just orange, but all the colors of the Ukrainian election, analyzed and discussed by top experts.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Center for Applied Policy Research and the German-Ukrainian Forum are hosting a day-long seminar on the election on Tuesday Monday, December 6 at the Ebert Fondation’s home in Berlin. Logistical details are here (pdf file, in German).

The program was planned even before the first round, so it’s not sheer luck that they’ve got such good people to talk about the events in Ukraine.

Speakers will include the leader of the OSCE election observation mission, the director of the school of political analysis at the National University in Kiev, members of the European and German Parliaments, and an expert from Ukraine’s Center for Peace, Conversion and Foreign Policy.

They’ll be addressing not just questions about the elections, but Ukraine’s overall process of transformation. What are the key domestic developments? What does Russia have to offer? What can the EU do? What has changed since November 22? What are the next steps?

I’ve just finished editing the background papers for the conference, and the people speaking here really do combine hands-on experience with a clear sense of the big picture. Working languages of the conference will be English, German and Ukrainian, and I am told that simultaneous translation will be available (although the pdf does not say, so it’s not an absolute certainty).

If there’s to be a re-vote in late December, this will be even more interesting…

Update: The background papers and some more introductory remarks are at the CAP site here.

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9 thoughts on “Orange in Berlin

  1. this week I have discovered the weblog scene while i was looking for authentic voices from Ukraine . Then I googled around and could not find any German Blog with Ukraine as main issue. Hm, there are so many Ukrainians here and so many German political blogs. But the latter are mostly posessed with Bush and Iraq. Good to hear that something substantional will happen in Berlin.

  2. Nah, Doug; I’m sure you meant ‘Tuesday December 6’ under the New Revolutionary Calendar, which will strike the infamous original election day from human memory, thereby bringing all susbsequent days forward by one.

    La lutte continue!

  3. Servus Jens-Olaf,

    although it’s in English, afoe is unter anderem a ‘German’ blog; not merely because We Are All Europeans Now, but because a number of its authors are German and/or live in Germany. (I merely live there; you can tell the real Germans by their better command of English.)

  4. The background papers, at least, will be available. The organizers are still figuring out whether there will be a rapporteur report or something similar. I think there is a certain amount of improvisation involved, given the circumstances.

    Thanks for your on-the-scene blogging, TG!

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