Open Heart Surgery.

Due to some database related surgergy, afoe might experience temporary circulation problems tonight. If all goes well, no one will notice anything and the patient will be happily awake within minutes of the operation, only with a stronger heart… (one that allows to more efficiently control comment spam).

9 thoughts on “Open Heart Surgery.

  1. I am puzzled as to why posts to the site are not more frequent and more interesting. Where is Edward Hugh? There is much promise here, yet little reason to return and comment. I do not mean any disrepect, but I would hope for more from a site reflecting European culture.

  2. Lise, thanks for your comment…

    well, let me try to help. First, posts aren’t more frequent because we don’t write more at the moment. The same is evidently true for Edward. Last year I haven’t written anything for two months… people choose to write when they feel like it, and that’s the way it should be.

    Go back a couple of weeks and you’ll probably find 15 updates a day during the Ukraine election turmoil. It seems almost natural that we’re relaxing a bit now…. please remember, we’re not a news organisation. Just as the instapundit states in his Terms of service, no one should expect blogs to be a news organisation or even rely entirely on them for information. They are strong at “weak-signalling”.

    I am sorry to hear you don’t find a lot our subjects interesting. We do (individually, we really don’t have any formal editorial guidelines), otherwise we would certainly not spend so much time writing them. As so often, beauty seems to be in the eye of the beholder.

    But if you have something in mind you think would fit afoe and we should all know and talk about, why don’t you send it to us and we talk about putting it online here – if you don’t have a blog of your own. We’re always looking for qualified female contributors who are interested in all things European!

    Clearly, if there are no new posts on a site, there’s no point in coming back and comment too often… so no hard feelings on our part for that ;). We knew the traffic would go down after the Ukraine tide.

    But be prepared… afoe does have some plans for 2005!

  3. Thank you for the kind response. Yes, I do like this blog and return to it often. The articles on the Ukraine were terrific, and Europe matters to me. Likely I am concerned about AFOE going the sad way of Bonobo Land and vanishing. I will keep your invitation much in mind, for I often come on ideas. Again, thank you and write as much as you wish for since you are several there really should be a fine flow. Ah, reading is so much simpler and I do love to read.

  4. Lise, temporary pauses are also a great opportunity to check out the blogroll. Plenty to read there and it is actually one of AFOE’s assets, apart from the excellent writing.

  5. Yes, I am back-reading and no, this is not the New York Times or Guardian :), so I will only grumble ever so about lack of new posts for discussion.

  6. Ah, Tobias. There really is something wrong with this potentially, and in past times, wonderful site. There does not seem to be a concern with frequent posting. Possibly a discussion of why is in order. Also, has Edward Hugh left? I do wish there were more.

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