Not your average Boom-bang-a-bang

Two of the topics that produced some of the most posts on Fistful last year – the Eurovision Song Contest and Ukraine’s Orange Revolution – have come together. Of course, we already knew that this year’s contest would be in Kiev but now Ukraine has chosen ‘Razom nas bagato!’ (Together we are many!) by Greenjolly, an anthem of the Orange Revolution, as their entry for the final. It should help to contribute to what will no doubt be an interesting night.

For a more serious look at the Orange Revolution, Blood and Treasure has some thoughts on ‘freedom as a brand management strategy.’

4 thoughts on “Not your average Boom-bang-a-bang

  1. From what I know, yes.

    As for them running at Eurovision, I feel the inclusion of politics isn’t really compatible with Eurovision’s recipe of general mindlessness.

  2. John Emerson,
    No, it’s not, apart from the title.
    It must be said it is rather devoid of a tune, to be honest. It’s a kind of rap.
    There should still be some kind of Orange Revolution websites about where you can download an MP3 of it….

  3. Hello. Im Stepan Pasicznyk former accordionist and original accordionist of “The Ukrainians”. I found your site by typing in El Pueblo Unido.
    I have a new band “The Ukes, at
    As you probably know, “Razom Ns Bahato, Nas Ny Podolaty” the Ukrainian Oranger revolution anthem and entry to Eurovision song contest for Ukraine shares the same chorus as Pueblo Unido Jamas sera Venido on your site.
    I have been asked by a friend of the band who did it to do an English version of the lyrics.
    I went one step further and mixed the Ukrainian, English and Chilean original 70’s “Che Gueveresque” track version into a track I’ve uploaded to my link http://WWW.PA3OM.COM
    PA3OM spellS Razom (together) in Cyrillic.,
    This is a Universal protest song for all oppressed and quite catchy too!
    Thought you’d like to know about it.
    For 2meg vidclip of The Ukes my new band in concert visit
    Kind regards,

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