Norwegian Humor

Flying moose lands on car’s roof

A leisurely Sunday drive came to an abrupt halt for a couple in southern Norway over the weekend, when a fully grown moose suddenly landed on the roof of their car.

No really, it’s in the newspaper.

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3 thoughts on “Norwegian Humor

  1. I’ve heard of things like that happenning in Alberta, Canada, as well as in Maine in the US.

    The occurrence of a moose inside your house after coming through a large window or sliding glass door is not that uncommon, either.

    No, really, a moose once bit my sister… (don’t get me started with the Monty Python stuff).

  2. You might also hear this from northern Minnesota, which coincidentally was settled in considerable part by Scandinavians.

  3. Perhaps the Scandinavian immigrants were attracted to northern Minnesota by the relatively high prevalence of moose-human interactions? Or did the immigrants in some curious way attract the mooses?

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