14 thoughts on “Nominees for Best Southeastern European Weblog

  1. Glory of Carniola.

    Yes, I know he said he didn’t want to run again. I’ll nominate him anyway.

    Doug M.

  2. I’d like to nominate Doug’s and Claudia’s Halfway down the Danube


    It’s a good mix of topics (family life to politics) and geographic coverage (Romania, Albania, Kosovo and Serbia, and some US and German stuff thrown in). Lots of good infromation, insightful analyses and… all of it well written!

  3. I appreciate the thought, but unlike Phil Collins and his “First final farewell tour,” I really am done. (I’m looking forward to the contest, though!)

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11 thoughts on “Nominees for Best Southeastern European Weblog

  1. These are the ones I link to from my site, all of which I dare to think are pretty good (and several of which I found through earlier nominations in other categories):

    Dragi Erazmo
    Halfway down the Danube
    Miroslav Hristodulo
    Ne bih da se petljam
    quod scripsi, scripsi
    Tajne novinara
    Turkish torque

    Oh, and maybe I would be remiss not to nominate my own East Ethnia (a month old today! still can’t sit up!), which I think ought to be linked to my name below.

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