17 thoughts on “Nominees for Best Personal Weblog

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21 thoughts on “Nominees for Best Personal Weblog

  1. I think Jonny Billericay deserves a mention…and perhaps in the new blog and UK blog categories as well, if he hasn’t been already.

  2. JonnyB’s private secret diary – he’s hilarious.

    My Boyfriend is a Twat – ummm, just to have a nomination ….

  3. Just found this – very many thanks Nick and Zed for your kind words.

    As a ‘best personal weblog’, I would nominate

    Naked Blog

  4. Hello! My english is not very very good, but i would like to nominate

    1)”Tarquine Widow”, a very good blogue yet a bit sad sometimes too.

    “Veuve Tarquine”

    2)my blogue, it is a young blogue but i really enjoy writing it (^_^)

    “Le blog ? Mathilde”

    (GespR ke j’ai pas trop fait de fautes, je suis super intimid?e en anglais, looool!)

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