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59 thoughts on “Nominees for Best French Weblog

  1. Ahem.
    Xavier, thanks for the nomination.

    By the way, dear euros in the fistful, by “French”, do you mean “in France”, or “in french”. My dear friends of “un swissroll” are swiss (well, one part-time author is french but lives in Geneva), but write in french. And could a belgian blog (wallon part) be nominated ? Or a French weblog writing in, say, english ?

  2. Ceteris Paribus, for his daily analysis of the economical news. Always instructive.

    Eolas, because he manages to make the juridical actuality passionating.

    Otherwise, Albinoal and Philograph who are more personal.

  3. Hello! My english is not very very good, but i would like to nominate

    1)”Tarquine Widow”, a very good blogue yet a bit sad sometimes too.

    “Veuve Tarquine”

    2)my blogue, it is a young blogue but i really enjoy writing it (^_^)

    “Le blog ? Mathilde”

    (GespR ke j’ai pas trop fait de fautes, je suis super intimid?e en anglais, looool!)

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