15 thoughts on “Nominees for Best European Weblog Overall

  1. Lessons in French vocabulary and a glimpse into the life of an American expat living in Provence with French husband and children.

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23 thoughts on “Nominees for Best European Weblog Overall

  1. I’m pretty sure crooked timber will take it, but anyway:

    * Halfway Down the Danube
    * Giornale Nuovo
    * Baltic Blog
    * histologion
    * Sofia Sideshow
    * Novalas Europa

  2. Hi Everybody,

    I think I may have posted this in the wrong place. Sorry!


    Hi Everybody,

    There is a great Hungarian (English language) blog all about the Budapest social scene and goings-on that I would like to nominate. Pestiside.hu is alternately darkly comedic, sardonic, insightful and sometimes even hysterically funny. It takes the piss out of all elements in Hungarian political spectrum as well as other absurb aspects of Hungarian life. (Believe you me, there is a plethora of absurdity in everyday Hungarian life.) If you have lived/live anywhere in Central-Eastern Europe, you can appreciate Pestiside.hu.

    Their take on quasi-oligarch Elek Straub was fuckin? priceless!



  3. Clarification, written by a Swedish girl living in Denmark, before that she lived in Holland. Very european though the topic is worldwide, that works right?


  4. I’d like to see Adland win this one. It’s been five years blogging now, has an amazingly large archive with twentythousand ads and it seems far too many people think that Swedish girl is American. 😉 She deserves kudos for keeping that place running all this time.

  5. We nominate LawPundit as the best European blog. LawPundit is the blog of an American expat blogging in Germany who also retains EU citizenship through the recent addition of 10 countries to the European Union. See EU expansion. See also EU and the Euro and EU and NATO Expansion and A New German Immigration Law.

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