Nominees for Best Coverage of A Single Country or Region

Nominate your favorite European blog(s) that concentrates on a single country or region, other than The UK, France, or Germany.


You can nominate as many blogs as you like. Please don’t be shy about nominating your own blog.

Nominations should preferably be in the form of comments or trackbacks to the relevant post.

Only European blogs are elegible. By that we mean that the blog should be written by Europeans, or else focus on some European issue. (Czech, Catalan…)

This weblog is not eligible for any awards, but our contributors’ other blogs are.

The nominating phase will go on for several weeks. The finalists will be determined by the number of nominations and our discretion.

The master post for the awards is here.

32 thoughts on “Nominees for Best Coverage of A Single Country or Region

  1. I am nominating my blog where I write about Sarajevo and Bosnia in the past,about cultural heritage, about cultural events now in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Croatia and ex-yu.
    Blog is written in Croat language.

  2. I have to give you this! Because it’s just the best there is! Simple as that!

    Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to present you the greatestestest European and/or Slovene blog there is:


    Chekkit out!

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