15 thoughts on “Nominate Best Political Weblog

15 thoughts on “Nominate Best Political Weblog

  1. It’s about time Crooked Timber won something. I think the the Irish/English/Welsh/Hungarian writers outnumber the US/Australian ones…

  2. Does Crooked Timber count? More international than European surely…

    I second perfect.co.uk as my favourite.

  3. All right, I’m proposing my own blog : “Demystifying the EU Constitution” at http://eu-constitution.typepad.com.
    I am a Euro citizen living in the US who wants to understand what the Constitution is all about. I share my findings through this blog.
    (Full disclosure: I think Publius and A Fist Full of Euros should win, but I would not mind getting some visitors)

  4. I hate self-promotion !! But if I don’t do it …

    My ‘blog’ , from Dublin , Ireland , has had over 30,000 ‘hits’ so far , and is increasing at an average of between 30 – 50 a day . I know others are doing ‘better’ , but I’m happy with that !
    The blog concerns itself with Irish history and Irish politics : as it says ‘on the tin’ (!) –
    ‘Irish history , Irish politics – from today and yesterday : all 32 Counties ! ‘
    Check it out and …. gimme a vote ??

    Thanks anyway !

    Slan go foill anois ,
    Sharon ,
    Ireland .