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Nominate Best New Weblog

Nominate your favorite new European blog(s) here. First post must be in 2004.


You can nominate as many blogs as you like. Please don’t be shy about nominating your own blog.

Nominations should preferably be in the form of comments or trackbacks to the relevant post.

Only European blogs are elegible. By that we mean that the blog should be written by Europeans, or else focus on some European issue. (Czech, Catalan…)

This weblog is not eligible for any awards, but our contributors’ other blogs are.

The nominating phase will go on for several weeks. The finalists will be determined by the number of nominations and our discretion.

The master post for the awards is here.

33 thoughts on “Nominate Best New Weblog

  1. Oooh! Ta for the nomination. But sadly I don’t think I technically qualify – although I’ve only started blogging properly during the last few months, I actually made my first post back in March 2003… Then promptly forgot all about it.

    I’d add to the list:
    The Road to Euro Serfdom – anti-EU, but (usually) in a thoughtful manner
    Lose the Delusion – only been going a month, but looking very promising thus far

  2. Certainly new, and mostly European — my blog (is it too gauche to nominate my own?) is on Balkan and US politics and culture and other things that come to mind. It might be interesting for the Eastern-minded.

    East Ethnia

    No awards really expected, I’ll be taking some time to read the other nominees here. But I’ll be flattered if anyone takes a peek.

  3. “Songs and circumstances”: it’s a blog about music and the process of songwriting and recording. I haven’t seen many blogs about music so here’s the adress : songsandcircumstances.blogspot.com