Nevermind the Economics, Here’s Eurovision

It’s that time of year again, and this time all of Europe — except plucky Georgia! — turns to the Third Rome Moscow, home of Eurovision 2009.

In years past, we’ve amused ourselves to no end with the song contest. Here are posts at least as good as some years’ winning songs:

Can’t Resist
Who’s European?
Eurovision: The Quickening
Zombies Finnish First (As a bonus, this post links to an article containing the clause “naked people running through streets of Helsinki, according to magenta-haired Finnish journalist.”)
Andorre, null point (Also? Follow the links to the shoeblog, and then search that site for Eurovision. Captions such as “The Norwegians and their golden camel toe” or “Georgian sword yodelling” only begin to describe the fun.)
Europe Unites in Song

Just in case we’re too drunk stunned busy to liveblog the event itself, consider this an open Eurovision thread.

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3 thoughts on “Nevermind the Economics, Here’s Eurovision

  1. This year, the atmosphere might get nasty.

    The homosexual community in Moscow has announced their intention to organize this fabulous parade to celebrate the Eurovision song contest (which is, as you know, very much a quintessential LGBT thing). As expected, mayor Luzhkov nixed the thing on the grounds that homosexuality “threatens the moral fiber of society” (whereas Eurovision song contests _don’t_? OK), and because the citizens as well as the tourists might catch Teh Gay, and yada yada yada, insert the obligatory quote from Pushkin’s “To the Slanderers of Russia” here.

    The LGBT community is going to organize the march anyway, as they’ve always done. Usually, the tradition has been that the Orthodox Youth Organizations and the Young Guard will show up to beat up the gays, after which the OMON will show up to “restore order”, which basically means that they will also beat up the gays all over again. This year, all of this will take place in tune of Eurovision music.

    Of course, there’s also the random possibility that the Baltic finalists will suddenly gather together on the stage and shout “WE WERE F*CKING OCCUPIED, AND YOU F*CKING KNOW IT”, after which the Militia will pick them up for violating Lex Victory Day and the City Court will slap them a prison sentence of three years, in the same TB-infested cell that’s already holding Khodorkovski.

    (Yes, as you can see, I’m thrilled. Go Russia! Slava!)


    J. J.

  2. Well, that was exciting… Norway won. The end result may or may not have been due to the introduction of jury groups (though the whole “Eastern neighbourhood voting will ensure the contest will never again move west!”-thing was over-hyped to begin with, anyhow), but the real shocker was that that that U.K.’s Lloyd-Webber-sponsored sleeping pill received the amount of props that it did.

  3. Come on – of course it stayed East! The guy was Belarussian-born and the style of it very much of a super cheesy blend of pseudo-traditional-slavic with usual Eurovision cream! Anyway if you look at voting patterns, he did get all the votes from Belarus’s neighbours…and from Belarus itself! But funnily everyone else also voted for him! More fun: some people in Armenia did vote for Azerbaijan. Know hope!

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