More of Mr Potter’s Magic

Last night I was in the downtown bookstore to pick up some stuff for travel planning, and I glanced over at their bestseller rack. Number one was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In English. The German edition won’t come out until October.

The best-selling book in the store is in a foreign language. That’s some powerful enchantment, Ms Rowling.

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9 thoughts on “More of Mr Potter’s Magic

  1. I believe you are in Munich, Doug. At the Munich Hugendubel, all those books in German are surely in a foreign language too?

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  3. In Brno, Czech Republic, the English version of this bestseller is burried among other English-language books, like Christie, Townsend, Clancy…etc. As if there were no English-speaking fans of HP at all….

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  5. Mrs T, printed Bairisch is so rare that it pleases the people here not to regard German as a foreign language. Ja mei.

  6. Thanks, StefanoC!

    I’m sure the Munich list is small numbers, too, compared with TV or radio, but even so. I can’t imagine, say, a French-language book becoming the #1 bestseller in the UK, or Spanish-language in the US.

  7. I live in Brazil, a country that reads 2 books per capita per year (France, for example, reads 10). Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the top selling book in the country this week. I suppose that this some of Ms. Rowling magic, mixed to some of the Italian explanation that Stefano gives us.

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