More Details Emerge

Sky continue to maintain their original claim that there were four bombers, and that they are all dead. This has not had direct police confirmation. But sky do provide a lot more details. One of the most important of these is that images of the four were captured by CCTV cameras at Kings Cross. There may be some doubt about the fourth of the bombers because the police inform that three come from the Yorkshire area, but say nothing about the fourth.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke explains:

“We know that all four of these arrived in London by train on the morning. We have identified CCTV footage showing the four men at King’s Cross Station shortly before 8.30am on that morning, July 7.

“One of them who had set out from West Yorkshire was reported missing by his family to the casualty bureau on July 7. We have been able to establish that he was joined on his journey to London by three other men. We have since found personal documents bearing the names of three of those four men close to the seats of three of the explosions.

“As regards to the man who is missing, some of his property was found on the route 30 bus in Tavistock Square. Property of a second man was found at the scene of the Aldgate bomb and in relation to a third man property with his name was found at the Aldgate and Edgware Road bombs.

“We have strong forensic evidence that it is very likely that one of the men from West Yorkshire died at the explosion at Aldgate.”

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5 thoughts on “More Details Emerge

  1. “The odd thing now is Luton”.

    Not necessarily. It is a motorway direct car drive from Leeds to Luton, then from Luton there is – I think – a direct train to Kings Cross. Better to leave the car there, no parking problems, better for nerves, and no car in the vicinity after.

    This suggests they met someone in, or near Kings Cross, where they received the bomb material.

    The immediate questions are who was the ‘fourth man’ (the police seem to be saying they have only identified three) and much more importantly who was running the show. I still stick with the ‘brains’ being the same ones as Madrid, but we need to wait and see.

  2. Or maybe the meeting with the mastermind was in Luton. I guess they can tell from the CCTV what the men had with them when they arrived at KC.

  3. Well “P” I got this one right at least:

    The four travelled by car from West Yorkshire to Luton and then by train to Kings Cross station shortly before the attacks were launched on Thursday morning, police said at a press conference.

    In the latest sky summary, it was just instinctual.

  4. This may or may not be valid, but it is very reminiscent of the small van found in Madrid:

    In other another key development, explosives have been found in an abandoned car linked to the attacks at Luton railway station.

    This was presumeably the car they used, so they then took the bombs on the train with them to London. Blimey.

    Personal documents have been found at all four bomb scenes.

    If this was there, you have to assume they wanted it to be found. I don’t buy the ‘trickery’ story, I guess this was their signature as ‘martyrs’. Which would lead you to think that this trail is going to run into a dead end at some point.

    There seem to be two possibilities: a separate mastermind, or one of the people who blew themselves up actually made the bombs. The explosives evidence will determine this, but my feeling is that if they put out the weekend call for Setmarian they already had the key details on this.

    Also four Asian lads from Leeds wouldn’t really tie with either of the claims to date, so the probability is that there is another component.

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