Meanwhile and elsewhere

I’m sure Doug will have more to say about this, but the early results from the Romanian elections show it as being a lot closer that expected, with a run-off (between Nastase and Basescu) expected for the Presidency.

And the next French Presidential election may be three years away, but it’s already hotting up with the ‘coronation’ at the weekend of former Finance Minister Nicholas Sarkozy as leader of the ruling UMP (Union for a Popular Movement) party. This Guardian leader highlights a potential parallel with the last US elections, with the Democrats’ search for the ABB (Anyone But Bush) candidate mirrored by the Elysee Palace’s search for the TSS (Tout Sauf Sarkozy – anyone but Sarkozy) candidate which may, of course, be Jacques Chirac seeking a third term and his personal dream of occupying the Elysee for longer than Mitterrand.