Mark Duggan, Rodney King

Surprising no one with a memory for these things, the Guardian reports,

Mark Duggan, whose shooting by police sparked London’s riots, did not fire a shot at police officers before they killed him, the Independent Police Complaints Commission said on Tuesday.

Releasing the initial findings of ballistics tests, the police watchdog said a CO19 firearms officer fired two bullets, and that a bullet that lodged in a police radio was “consistent with being fired from a police gun”.

Police force with history of institutional racism, check. Confrontation with a member of a minority group, check. Suspicious death, check. Initial statements from the police that are misleading at best, check.

I’m sure that people who study urban policy and policing can provide both a longer list of ingredients and of riots. You can’t really say which bad police incident will lead to a riot, but with the ingredients above, especially with a heaping helping of economic dislocation, eventually there will be a riot.

The work of prevention should have been done long ago — the Lawrence report is more than a decade old — and the hard work of preventing the next round will begin as soon as the fires this time are out. Many media outlets will say controlling the riots will be a test of Cameron’s premiership. Nonsense. The test is what he and his government and that of the Mayor of London, fellow Conservative Boris Johnson, will do to keep a repeat from happening. There won’t be many headlines, just lives saved and improved.

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5 thoughts on “Mark Duggan, Rodney King

  1. Duggan did not fire a shot, but he sure seems to have tried to. He had a loaded, illegal gun, so the armed officers were absolutely righ in following and apprehending him.

    Making noise about Duggan regarding the riot situation is… just silly.

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  3. I haven’t seen any Rodney King comparisons either, but it seems reasonable. Clearly, people in Tottenham (and elsewhere) believe that Mark Duggan was shot and killed needlessly, if not deliberately. Police evasiveness (fabrication of evidence, even) helps none.

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