Lurker day

We don’t do “memes” here at fistful, but this is too cool an idea to pass up. Today apparently is Lurker day, which means readers who never or rarely make comments tell us who they are, where the’re from and what they like (or don’t like) about fistful, etc.

Chris Clarke’s idea, via CT.

…OK, yesterday, but we do things our own way here in Europe.

39 thoughts on “Lurker day

  1. My name is Karl, I’m a US-American living in Germany and you have a link to my blog in your sidebar. I don’t comment often but am a daily reader of AFOE. I like the news on European issues from a European perspective.

  2. I´m a US-American living in the Netherlands and working as a management consultant. I don´t comment at all, I don´t think, but I read it daily. I find this blog particularly smart and well-written, and have no complaints to offer.

  3. manu, 32 yo parisian who appreciates thoughts on politics and europe.

    Btw, any chance to have a rss feed containing whole stories not just their first three lines?

  4. I’m an American living in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France. I read afoe everyday but I don’t think I’ve commented before, but I enjoy reading it.

  5. As seen in the nick I am from the Netherlands. I like to be informed broadley and so far AFOE and sister are the best read on Europe. I hardly ever comment, unless there are specific factual things about the Netherlands that might contribute to the discussion (IMHO of course).

  6. I’m from the internets, and only comment intermittently for no apparent reason.

    Hello, Fistful people. Good work recently, especially on the German elections – looked like the place was dying for a while over the summer, and I got all tearful and stuff.

  7. I’m from England (London), of Irish extraction, spent my teens living in Germany, did part of my degree in the Netherlands, travel on business to Finland quite often, am currently learning Spanish, and have a surname of French origin. So my identity feels more European than English, and I’m fed up of standard media channels focusing on the US all the time, and normally only reporting on the bad stuff about Europe.

    So I come here to keep more up-to-date, and for the lively debates and discussions in the comments. Keep up the good work! Particularly enjoying all the stuff on the German Elections: can’t believe a story this interesting in the biggest country in Europe is getting close to zero coverage in the UK. Such a difference to way the 2000 US elections were reported.

  8. Hi, this is Claudia from Berlin. Love to read AFOE to learn about international news and to put Germany-specific topics into perspective. I never comment, but I’m a pretty regular lurker. I’m also a friend of Doug’s.

  9. Hello everyone

    Another lurker reveals himself.

    I’m posting this from a wee town in Central Scotland called Denny which is almost equidistant between both Glasgow & Edinburgh.

    Of Welsh and Czech descent I was born in a British Military Hospital in Muenster where I spent my formative years before moving to Wales in my early teens. Now settled in Scotland for past 10 years and married to a Scots-Australian.

    I lurk over AFOE to keep up with European issues across the length and breadth of the Union and to enjoy some of the insightful, and sometimes provocative comments, made by posters.


  10. Hiya, this is Annie from Washington, DC. US-American lurker; studied and interned for a semester in Northern Ireland and also interned in Germany. Wanted to say thank you for this site, especially all the posts on the German elections recently. I have to say AFOE is where I get most of my news on Europe (and sometimes points beyond). Thank you again, and keep up the insightful writing!


  11. I am an Eastern European from one of countries that joined EU on May 1, 2004. I have lived in US and Canada for most of last 8 years but still maintain interest about what is happening in Europe. I might return to Europe someday.

    Most recently, the coverage of German elections has been very interesting. Before that, the news on EU Constitution referendums and possible troubles with Euro.

  12. 45 y/o male caucasion. Recently left miitary after 24 years and I am in a Master’s program in rural North Carolina, USA.

    I’ve tried to keep track of events (news and politics) outside the US. While all politics are local, the whole world is not the USA. It is very difficult to find anything other then US coverage here.

    So far, I’ve only read this and some of the sites linked to this page.

    A primer on recent EU politics would be good. I’m trying to catch-up after being in my own world for the last two years. I’m still trying to learn who’s who.



  13. Brazilian living in Brazil. Aside from the fact that it is aethetically beautiful, afoe is superbly well-written. It’s gotten me and some friends interested in starting a similar blog to cover Brazilian politics. Keep up the good work!

    PS- Kudos to Alex for German election coverage!

  14. Hi, this is Andy from DC. I just returned to the states (reluctantly) after 2 years of living in Hamburg. Found the site because of the German election coverage and now it’s a regular read. Great info and analysis, thanks!

  15. 33yr old from Cardiff, Wales here, originally from England. Read it for the in-depth stuff on continental European politics (although the non-British take on British politics is also interesting) and the Crooked-Timber style posts on economics and demographics.

  16. I’m from Vienna, but have been in North America for the last 10 years (now a philosophy prof in cold but sunny Calgary, Alberta). It’s a nice way to keep in touch with what’s happening in the old world without actually having to read the German papers every day.

  17. Good day, I’m Akshay, a 26 yo civil servant in the Hague. I lurk for the obvious reason: I find the articles varied and interesting. And the photographs in the banner *are* excellent. Where did you find them?

    Apart from the Netherlands, I spent some time studying in France and Spain. But the reason I feel European is because I was born in India. Real Europeans feel French, Dutch, German, etc.

  18. I’m a political science student at a local public college in New York City. I’m of French and Haitian ancestry, but I was born in the United States.

    I like afoe because it’s an excellent unbiased source for European politics with great writers and commenters, and because it’s a wonderful looking (and well coded) website. 🙂

  19. Hello, I am a Slovak from Bratislava and I have never left the actual territory of the former Austrian (or Austro-Hungarian, but I do find the 1867 Compromise to be most unfortunate) Empire. You could say I am stuck in the 19th century both mentally and physically. Then, of course, I should have probably written that I am from Pressburg. Nevermind.

    I visit your site occasionally and though I dont allways agree, it is still usually an interesting read.

  20. Lee:

    Permanent resident of US with Brit passport.

    Originally from the West Indies island of Montserrat.

    Live in Chicago, am a regular reader of FOE, but rarely post. I guess i fit the lurker profile.

  21. New Zealander, living in London. Have made the very occasional post, I think. I appreciate the sensible, informed and entertaining commentary. If I would make any request it would be for a bit more cultural commentary. Don’t get me wrong, the economic and political analysis is fascinating, but the national cliches thread is unique.

  22. Well, I have the ad on the left of the screen with the big blue flag, so I come once in a while to check that it’s still there…

    More seriously, it’s good to have a different perspective on the same European events.

  23. I’m an American in Washington, DC, desperately looking for a job in Europe. I’ve lived in Luxembourg and Ireland, and though I love DC, I need to get out of the US for a bit. I’ve been reading this blog for awhile trying to stay on top of European affairs.

    Any tips? Anywhere in Europe is ok with me.

  24. I’m a linguist and europhile from Dortmund, Germany. I recently got my master’s degree and am now planning to leave Germany for another EU-country, probably the UK, the Netherlands or Belgium.
    I discovered afoe during the Orange Revolution and am visiting daily now. During the summer there were way too many economic posts for my taste but with interesting political things (i.e. the German elections) happening again fortunately the focus seems to get away from that once more.

    Keep up the good work!

  25. Europhile from the English Midlands. I don’t like the mainstream British media’s simplistic division of their coverage into ‘domestic’ and ‘foreign’ topics, and come here for a more in-depth look at what’s going on, with a healthy pan-European approach. Regular reader but don’t stop by every day. I believe I’ve commented once or twice before, around the time of the Dutch referendum on the constitution. Agree with a previous commenter that “If I would make any request it would be for a bit more cultural commentary.” Keep up the great work everyone!

  26. I’ve been reading this blog to get a better handle on current EU politics and economics. I’ve also been reading the Spiegel daily e-mail. I don’t comment because this isn’t my area of expertise. Why talk when I know less than others?

    I’m from CT- USA

  27. 29 y-o New Zealander living in Berlin here. Am a frequent reader, have you blogrolled and have commented once or twice before, but mostly I just read and lurk. I find your commentary and analysis of all things European politics interesting, but especially the stuff related to Germany and foreign policy.

    I don’t suppose you’d consider adding my blog to your very extensive blogroll would you? I write a fair bit about life in Germany and German (and New Zealand) politics, so I must fit in there somewhere. (Please forgive shameless blog whoring, but you *did* ask for the lurkers to show themselves!)

  28. Hi FFOE,

    I’m an american who likes to keep up with the expatriate community in Europe (as a former expat myself) as well as european news. I pass by infrequently but do appreciate the indepth commentary.

    I would also support those who would welcome a bit more commentary on cultural / art-related topics.

  29. I live and work in the Los Angeles, California area, as a research attorney on death penalty cases.

    I have been to Italy numerous times, to Germany once, and have friends in Italy and Germany.

    I recently came across this site, really like it, and, in the spirit of giving as well as receiving, I will try to bring value added to the table when I feel I can.

  30. Hello. I’m from Britain but I’ve lived all over Europe, and been mugged or beaten up in some very beautiful cities. I’m Eurosceptic but only at a political level; some of my best friends are foreigners and I’d rather live on the Continent than where I live at the moment.

    I come to Fistful to steal ideas and plagiarise material for my own blog.

    Things about Fistful I like: recent German election coverage, the blogroll, economic insights (useful for a non-economist like me).



  31. Hi there, I’m 27, from France but have been living in the UK for 3 years. I’ve started visiting AFOE back in April I think. I’ve contributed a few times on topics concerning France…

  32. I am a 32 year old Phd student in politics (dissertation on the politics of arms control treaty ratification) from Boston.

    I like the insight into European politics – I find it interesting and much deeper than I get in the usual places.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  33. Yet another lurker – an Indian, but currently splitting my time between Germany and the Netherlands.

    I love the comprehensive coverage of European issues here – its great to get the news in English, and all in place. Kudos!

  34. Hi, I’m Jez (from your blogroll).

    A Brit living in Manchester (UK). Have lived in the Canary Islands and in Paris. Very much enjoy the unbiased commentary and the sheer….European-ness of it all (I’m very much the Europhile, myself – both culturally and politically).

  35. I’m a UK-based Brit, working as export sales manager. Decidedly Europhile, speak German, French, Italian and Spanish; travel regularly to Europe and feel at home in most countries.
    I find that afoe makes a change from the paranoid anti-European slant of most UK news coverage

  36. 32 year old, graduate student in Economics, in San Francisco. Like the writing here – it’s less of the vitriolic fare that I get elsewhere on the blogs. I read the Economist, the FT and this for my Euro education. Just discovered this blog recently. Good stuff.

  37. Hi!
    Yes I’m a bit late but I was away 🙂
    I’m the prettier half of a Canadian expat couple working and blogging from Tirana Albania- a very interesting place to be!

  38. Hello, my name is Kati, I do not enjoy commenting but I had to say that I really liked your blog, especially it´s criticism. 🙂

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