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Robin Grant continues to do some great up to the minute live blogging over at He has the just released CCTV photos of the 4 most recent suspects (and suggests that the man shot dead this morning may not have been one of them). Speaking of photos, I have posted on my own blog this from the Times this morning, which, if you’ll pardon my English, really takes the biscuit. And while you’re in the mood for reading, Nosemonkey and Tim Worstall are on it too.

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Edward 'the bonobo is a Catalan economist of British extraction. After being born, brought-up and educated in the United Kingdom, Edward subsequently settled in Barcelona where he has now lived for over 15 years. As a consequence Edward considers himself to be "Catalan by adoption". He has also to some extent been "adopted by Catalonia", since throughout the current economic crisis he has been a constant voice on TV, radio and in the press arguing in favor of the need for some kind of internal devaluation if Spain wants to stay inside the Euro. By inclination he is a macro economist, but his obsession with trying to understand the economic impact of demographic changes has often taken him far from home, off and away from the more tranquil and placid pastures of the dismal science, into the bracken and thicket of demography, anthropology, biology, sociology and systems theory. All of which has lead him to ask himself whether Thomas Wolfe was not in fact right when he asserted that the fact of the matter is "you can never go home again".

5 thoughts on “Live Blogging in London

  1. The best that can be said for the canoeing teambuilders is that the 9/11 counterparts team-built by going to strip clubs.

  2. i was surprised to know that the famous british policemen have weapons, but it look pretty stupid to shoot down (five time) a guy (unarmed, in the subway !!), he will not talk a lot, now (did they get a training in US ?)

  3. “did they get a training in US” ?

    Well certainly not in France. Remember this:

    A national outcry followed the shooting at point blank range by police of three unarmed young men in separate incidents in the pace of four days in April 1993. All three youths — Eric Simonte, Makome M’Bowole, and Rachid Ardjouni — died from their injuries. Two of them were minors. Makome M’Bowole, aged 17, was shot through the head during interrogation in a police station. After apologizing to their families, Minister of the Interior, Charles Pasqua, reminded the police that they were given arms to defend citizens, not to attack them.

  4. but it look pretty stupid to shoot down (five time) a guy (unarmed, in the subway !!), he will not talk a lot, now

    Neither will he detonate anything. If you shoot in a crowded enviroment like a subway, you shoot to kill. Nothing else is important enough to risk hitting bystanders. If you shoot to kill, you shoot until you are sure. A wounded suicide bomber will detonate, anything else is wishful thinking.

  5. And you shoot to kill you have to be pretty sure, that he is a suicide bomber, and this guy was innocent.

    Mistakes happens, just, i was a bit disapointed to see the british police, usually so careful, behaving like that. Often when people die it is because they threat the policemen (very dangerous to do that in france).

    and shooting a bomb is not really cleaver as well.

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