little boats

In re: the Volcano Flight Chaos, as all the TV stations seem to be calling it. I just heard the Tory transport spokesman say that what we needed was a “Dunkirk type flotilla of little boats” to rescue our fellow citizens stranded in, oh I don’t know, Frankfurt and Milan and places like that I suppose. In fact she said that she knew for sure that there was one raring to go right now, but it was being held back by the Border Agency, the same one the Tories say is helpless to prevent anyone coming or going from the UK. 

I also know of lots of people who want to solve the whole volcanic ash problem by blowing upwards through a really big straw. I have informed the authorities of my fine plan in many, many e-mails. But instead of rewarding this act of individual initiative and mutual aid, they simply fail to respond.

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  1. When have the Tories said the border Agency is helpless to prevent anyone coming or going?

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