Laurent Cohen-Tanugi: The Shape of the World to Come

We live in interesting times, but where exactly will those times lead us?

French intellectual Laurent Cohen-Taugi addressed this question when he presented his latest book The Shape of the World to Come, charting the geopolitics of a new century to the Carnegie Council in New York City last month. David Stewart at The Columbia University Press Weblog has published videos of the talk Laurent Cohen-Tanugi gave at this occasion. Teaser:

In Laurent’s analysis, the West has lost influence in multilateral institutions since these institutions are out dated for today’s world. The notion of democracy promotion is also challenged in many quarters, such as Russia and China, says Laurent. Laurent is courageous and correct in saying that today’s multi-polar world is not just more equal but also more unstable, contrary to the European hope of equalizing relations with the United States. Nationalism is returning and we are “moving away from the post-modern ideal of global governance,” and we are witnessing a return of “nineteenth-century geopolitics.”

I haven’t had time to delve into this myself since Cohen-Tanugi’s book and Stewart’s blog post were only brought to my attention today, but I invite our readers to go and have a look and share their first impressions. In the meantime, I’ll ask Columbia University Press for a review copy of The Shape of the World to Come. Looks really interesting.

2 thoughts on “Laurent Cohen-Tanugi: The Shape of the World to Come

  1. Wonder if Robert Kagan feels aggrieved that Laurent Cohen-Taugi is appropriating his meme? I mean, Kagan was onto the return of “nineteenth-century geopolitics” quite some time ago ( But maybe the notion sounds more appealing when uttered by a French intellectual than by an American neo-con. Mars is out and Venus is in.

  2. I agree with Eamonn. The idea is in no way original. What appears to be original is that a French intellectual says it…

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