L’Allemagne, quatre points?

To continue with the self-promotion… I put another demo of one of my songs online on my “music blog” tapsmusic.de. It’s called “when you look at me” (128kbit mp3 | 64kbit wma9). Feel free to listen and decide for yourself if it’s worth more than four points…

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About Tobias Schwarz

German, turned 30 a while ago, balding slowly, hopefully with grace. A carnival junkie, who, after studies in business and politics in Mannheim, Paris, and London, is currently living in his hometown of Mainz, Germany, again. Became New Labourite during a research job at the House of Commons, but difficult to place in German party-political terms. Liberal in the true sense of the term.

His political writing is mostly on A Fistful of Euros and on facebook these days. Occasional Twitter user and songwriter. His personal blog is almost a diary. Even more links at about.me.