Jörg Haider dead

Jörg Haider has died in a car accident. This will make a christian democrat+far right coalition even more unlikely.

Can his party survive him? I suppose some people might be reluctant to vote for the more overtly nasty Strache, and I don’t imagine the government parties getting more votes next time. Still, probably not.

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  1. It’s a black day for Carinthia and a tragedy for us Carinthians!
    Dr. Jörg Haider might have been a polarizing person, but one fact remains: he’s been the best governor carinthia ever had and he’s leaving a huge gap behind which hardly ever anyone might be able to fill- any new governor will always be measured on what he did for Carinthia- and the people.

    R.I.P Jörg Haider
    and thanks for everything you did for us

  2. Er, why unlikelier? It removes personal animosity as an obstacle against cooperation of BZÖ and FPÖ.

  3. It seems that reporting on J. Haider has always been rather judgemental. It’s a bit of a shame that even in an obituary a stab under the belt like “the more overtly nasty” had to be inserted. Perhaps it would be better to leave the ad hominem attacks for those who can still defend themselves.

  4. As you sow so shall you reap.
    Haider achieved notoriety for past remarks that sounded sympathetic to the Nazis and contemptuous of Jews, a visit with Saddam Hussein on the eve of the Iraq war and a friendship with Moammar Gadhafi when Libya was still an international pariah.

    He praised a member of Hitler’s notorious Waffen SS convicted of eradicating the population of an Italy village as someone “who (only) did his duty.” He lauded Nazis as creating “a good policy of employment.” He condemned the “laziness of the Southerners” — meaning immigrants south of Austria, describing their countries as “the place of criminality and corruption.”

    And in a mocking reference to the first name of Vienna’s Jewish leader, which is also that of a popular detergent, Haider said: “I don’t understand how someone called Ariel can have so much dirt on his hands.”
    Haider was born Jan. 26, 1950, in the Upper Austrian town of Bad Goisern to parents who were enthusiastic Nazi party members. His father, a shoemaker, was forced after the war to unearth mass graves dug by the SS, while his mother, a teacher, was prohibited from working in her profession for several years.

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    [Hitler sympathizer]

  6. Goldberg,
    I don’t know if u r a german or an Austrian but i m pretty sure about this fact that u have the same bad intentions. i m not a slave of lies but u definately r disgusting nd inhuman and u mix those books with ur few personal bad experiences. The people like u need to b eradicated from this innocent world who doesn’t know these race barriors.
    For ur kind information i m not an african or a muslim or a jew. I work hard and enjoy my life with my family here in Austria. I love Austria and i love each and every person here. Haider or Strache don’t mean that every Austrian is like them. The people like u make a country shameful.
    In the end just remember those great words…”AS U SOW SO SHALL U REAP”.

  7. I think Haider’s departure from Austrian politics will have a strong effect. His party, however split, have collected a vast number of votes who are disillusioned with the SPÖ and ÖVP. He had been probably the most stable politician in the past 25 years in Austrian politics, and I think nobody can tell who will be able to mobilize these voters and under what flag. But I’m sure that these voters are very discontent with the establishment.

  8. Sadly fact is that Dr Haider is dead, and Austria grieves!
    Whether you liked him or not, we liked him and we have to say thanks for having him as our politician!
    He had a family, so you should show respect!
    He just said what he tought, why do you judge him for that?
    We will miss him

  9. Romy,
    What about thousands of refugees nd foreigners? Don’t u think they got their families too far from Austria. They r dying everyday because of poverty nd unemployment. I m not talking about the criminals. Criminals r everywhere. Why every refugee is compared to a criminal? Haven’t u seen a single Austrian in jail? All the five fingers r not same my dear. Hundreds of refugees r in jail for months nd sometimes a year coz they got countryout order nd they had nowhere to go. Ur so called Dr. Haider the great built a “special institution” which is located on the alpine pasture called “Saualm”. If u r a carinthian, u know that. It is all surrounded by security guards. I dont hate him. I just hate his inhuman deeds while being a human.

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  11. Shame on you Austria, we dont want to have to come back there and sort out the Nazi seed growing in your country again! Please take a look at your society where you find nazi salutes, 26year kidnappings, urinating from windows etc. The world is a much bigger place and you have to accept the multitude of societies before you become a relic of the 20th century!

  12. Haider was a repulsive man, following in the great Austrian tradition of electing Nazi butchers to important offices of state. Austria had Kurt Waldheim, a Nazi war criminal, as its president in the 1980s, a fact whcih seems unbelieveable to those in the civilised world. Haider was no better, a Nazi scumbag who will rot in hell. These defences of him tell you all you need to know about the majority of Austrians, a shower of ignorant, violent, Jew-hating peasants who ought to be wiped from the face of Europe.

  13. “Austria grieves…we have to say thanks.”

    Yeah, thanks a lot for perpetuating bigotry and racial hatred in a world already overflowing with it. To hell with Austria. There is a special place in hell for Haider, Waldheim and all the rest of these sub-human bastards.

  14. Don’t tar all Austrians with the Haider brush, Harry, and don’t go talking about wiping whole peoples from the face of Europe. There’s been more than enough of that in rhetoric and reality.

    Consider this a yellow card from the proprietors.

  15. OK, sorry, I wrote that in anger having seen the comments from the Austrian Nazis above. I didn’t really mean it. They’re probably not all like that. I do consider Austrian politics to be unique in Western Europe for tolerating and encouraging Nazism though. Can you imagine the outrage over a Haider being elected in Germany now? Or France? When the Nazi above describes Haider’s death as a ‘tragedy’ it makes me weep for their victims and for anyone in Austria who genuinely does oppose this SS-praising, rabidly anti-immigrant and anti-semitic party.
    The Nazis were welcomed with open arms when they first annexed Austria; their ideology did fit very nicely with Austrian culture and contemporary Austrian ideals and feelings towards Jews. When you see the results of opinion polls in Austria these days it seems that not a lot has changed. Do you not consider the pro-Haider comments and the comment that “we should thank him” as supportive of Nazism? Does this not bother you? Nazism is alive and well and living on our doorstep. Incidentally, if you think my comments are inflammatory or offensive, have a glance at what’s written about Israel and Israelis (and thoroughly supported by the vast majority of webmasters and people in general. A million websites call for their annihilation without criticism).

  16. Thanks for re-thinking, Harry. If I had written this post, it probably would have been closer to the type of obit Lawyers Guns & Money writes for people like Jesse Helms, the shorter version of which could read “good riddance.” I remember reading an investigative piece in the Herald Tribune sometime in the late ’90s that established fairly firmly that the Haider family money was based on confiscated Jewish property. Which figures, in several unpleasant ways.

    And of course Hitler’s ideology fit with Austria in the late 1930s; he was Austrian originally, and many of his anti-Semitic tropes can be clearly traced to the political climate of early 20th century Vienna. Not that they didn’t have resonance elsewhere, or he would never have come to power in Germany, but there’s a clear point of origin.

    I think pro-Haider is a pretty vile position in politics, and I might have weighed in earlier, but life is full of things to do, sometimes it’s better to let readers debate amongst themselves, and our readers are generally sophisticated enough not to need me/us pointing out repellent nationalism. (Though the other Doug has to ride herd on the audience in his Balkan posts sometimes.)

    I can’t imagine a Haider coming to power in France because of first-past-the-post voting at the top of the ticket, though it is instructive that Le Pen made it into the second round of France’s 2002 presidential election. Nor can I see a similar figure sharing power in Germany. Far right German parties (Republikaner, Schill, NVP, DVU and others from earlier decades) make it into one or two state parliaments before failing at the national level. Something structural in Germany would have to change before there would be an opening on the far right.

    The structural opening for Haider was the long co-reign of Austria’s two major parties. A populist decrying the supposed stitch-up could make headway and draw the discontented. There was long tension within his party between true believers in the far-right program and people more concerned with providing an alternative to the big two. And he didn’t really have a governing program either, the government he participated in was ineffective in almost everything except embarrassing the EU.

    The other Doug has written that most European countries have a noxious nationalist party, and sometimes electoral quirks bring them a share of power. What to do then is a more challenging question, as for example with Slovakia at present.

    At the end of the day, it seems that somewhere between 10 and 15 percent of most Europeans will vote for parties that espouse vile, racist and nationalist politics. On the other hand, it means that 85 to 90 percent will not. Things could be (and have been) worse.

  17. Well … good riddance.

    Mr. Haider died as he lived, recklessly endangering the lives of innocents through acts of mindlessness and selfishness.

    He will not be missed.

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