Canada is interested in a huge bilateral agreement with the European Union, which going by the details given would almost amount to membership in the EEA. Cool.

Ironically, in the years when the British Empire was either trying to recast itself as an EU-like economic union or trying to get into the ECSC/EEC with all its members, Canada was notably the least enthusiastic state – and given that this included South Africa, that was saying something. Had the cards fallen differently, you can almost imagine Canada leading the effort to get the UK to join.l

It wasn’t that long ago that there were people in the Conservative Party who thought the UK should leave the EU and join NAFTA; it’s amazing what a few years’ rampant misgovernment will do. It’s almost a cliche of American discourse that Canada is almost France; you wonder what the Eurosceptics and their creepy ideological friends in the US will think when it happens.

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  1. maybe, maybe not. but canada is doing something it should have done decades ago. with the us accounting for somthing like 85% of its trade, the canadian economy suffers from a nasty deformity, especially in comparison to all those “normal” countries it shares membership in the G7 with. time to end this national disgrace.

  2. Speaking as an American, I would love it if Canada ended up in a large bilateral trade agreement with the EU. Back-door trade into the EU!

  3. Canada=World? Can any European name the Prime Minister of Canada without Wikipedia? I guess the retort would be “Can any American?” – Well the retort to that would be can any European name any of the European Commissioners?

  4. J:


    Quite true. I doubt a similar arrangement would ever be considered with–say–China.

    “Can any European name the Prime Minister of Canada without Wikipedia?”

    The connection of this sentence to the one proceeding escapes me, alas.

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