It’s Azerbaijan

Winning Eurovision 2011. Apparently the AFOE crew was too sober to liveblog the festivities. In any event, one member of the collective has already observed, “That’ll put off any war over Nagorno-Karabakh for at least a year.”

Eurovision previously at the Fistful:

2009 Slightly depressing follow-up relevant to this year’s winners.
2007 Bonus 2007

Thoughts? Or is Eurovision simply beyond thought?

2 thoughts on “It’s Azerbaijan

  1. My (unoriginal) thoughts …. liked that Georgia didn’t hold back and did an unashamed emo rock number … respect the crowd for booing the bloc voting (Cyprus giving the douze points to Greece getting a particular bad reception) … sign of the mood in Ireland that people actually seem to have invested some emotional energy in Jedward.

  2. Didn’t watch it. Which place did the Mongolian throat singers score? Now seriously, the only band I looked up on Youtube was zdob si zdub and their entry was mediocre this time.

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