Italians Don’t Vote

The low turnout – a 25.9 which fell far short of the necessary 50% minumum to secure a binding impact on parliament – means that the proposal to reform Italian law on assisted reproduction and embryo research effectively did not prosper.

In fact a majority of those who did vote voted to change the law.

This result is being widely covered as a ‘victory’ for the moral preachings of the new pope Benedicat XVI. I am sure it is nothing like that simple.

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One thought on “Italians Don’t Vote

  1. I don’t think so either. Italy has had a number of referendum “duds” in the past few years. This one just proves that referenda about difficult issues make a poor political instruments.

    Still, this time it put the Vatican back in the Italian political game as a player. So score one for Benedicat XVI. Could be a good thing down the road actually.

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