It happened.

As the Constitutional Court seems to be playing wait and see, progress on the legal front has become unlikely in the immediate future. Yet following the increasing tension between the camps, what may be the first major outbreak of violence in the ongoing Ukrainian stand-off may have occurred in the Eastern city of Luhansk. Maidan reports

… a huge crowd with banners and signs reading “For Yanukovych” came out onto the square. Around 60 thugs with bats and brass-knuckles ran out from their ranks and without further ado began to pummel the attendees. Result of the slaughter: broken arms, fractured skulls, smashed noses.

The police posted nearby DID NOT REACT IN ANY WAY to what was happening. This, however, hardly comes as a suprise. According to our information, police officers have an order NOT TO NOTICE attacks of thugs on people in orange. In addition, there were eyewitnesses to personal participation of employees of the city police department in the assault.

Right now, today, to wear orange in Luhansk means facing a mortal danger. That is not an exaggeration. Currently, workers in the Yushchenko headquarters are preparing to repel a possible attack. It is apparently in the making. The workers will have to repel it on their own. There is no more police and no more law in Luhansk.

Let’s hope there won’t be an escalation that would taint the orange ribbon red.

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5 thoughts on “It happened.

  1. Here’s a brief report on the incident attributed to AFP. Russian newswire has hospital confirmation that a Canadian volunteer from the John Howard Society has been admitted with cranial injuries. A Ukranian wire report says they were “severe” and required surgery. The same report quotes a press briefing from the Lugansk regional administration/police department which claims that Yushchenko’s supporters attacked a pro-Yanukovych rally and disappeared before they could be detained. The agency had a reporter on the scene, and she is said to have suffered serious injuries.

  2. The 5th channel is giving this quite a bit of coverage now, which is good.

    Apparently there were some journalist which were beaten as well as a Canadian volunteer.

  3. More and more this is sounding like a replay of Hungary in 1956 where Khruschav carried our fake negotiations with the rebel leaders to give him time to bring in the massive force of troops needed to crush the rebellion. All this bargaining over whether there should be new elections and with what changes, etec. and waiting for the Ukrainian Court to rule on election fraud etec. looks like the same plan as in Hungary in 1956. To distract people and give Putin and Kuchma time to bring in enough reliable Ukrainian and Russian troops to crush the opposition or so Putin and Kuchma may believe they can. Remember Putin is a KGB Colonel who follows in the pattern set by his predecssors and he is determined to bring the Ukraine back under Russia’s control as the first step in rebuilding the Soviet Empire. Kuchma has very strong reasons not to give up power to the opposition, including the desire not to be tried for the murder of an opposition journalist in 2000. Whether such a coup could succeed is questionable. It might result in full scale civil war as the attempted military coup in Spain did in 1936. I pray that I am wrong in thinking this is Putin and Kuchma’s plan.

  4. David, I too have wondered if that is what is happening. The possible presence of Russian auxilaries has been the biggest indicator of what may come.

  5. I wonder if ending up in emergency rooms might make international election observers in eastern Ukraine feel less welcome to stick around for a re-vote.

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