It could have been you.

Gentle readers, you may not have noticed it, but about an hour ago, we at AFOE welcomed our one hundred thousandth visitor. It could have been you – but if I counted correctly, it was a reader from a British academic institution (

But, obviously, he or she would not have the “lucky one” without your continuing interest in this blog. So – thank you.

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German, turned 30 a while ago, balding slowly, hopefully with grace. A carnival junkie, who, after studies in business and politics in Mannheim, Paris, and London, is currently living in his hometown of Mainz, Germany, again. Became New Labourite during a research job at the House of Commons, but difficult to place in German party-political terms. Liberal in the true sense of the term.

His political writing is mostly on A Fistful of Euros and on facebook these days. Occasional Twitter user and songwriter. His personal blog is almost a diary. Even more links at

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