Iraqi employees campaign

This will be of interest to UK residents (and it’s worth noting that every resident, documented or otherwise, has access to an MP). I hope everyone else won’t mind my cross-posting it from

Iraqis who have worked for the British Army – as translators, typically, but also in other roles – are likely to lose their lives once the army leaves Iraq and the protection they offer goes with them. Needless to say, this is a betrayal. These men and women took a huge risk in helping us. However, the government can reciprocate by granting these people – and their families – special asylum and free transport out of the country. At the moment the government is reluctant to do this.

Next Tuesday (9 October) there is a lobbying event at parliament: Committee Room 14, 7-9 pm. I’ll be there. My MP (Susan Kramer – bless her) will be there. Other MPs will be there. We will have Iraqi and British Army speakers who will explain the situation in detail and answer questions, and the event will be reported in the broadcast and press media.

We need to get every MP to come along, because this event will provide evidence direct from Iraq that every MP needs to hear. The best way to get your MP to come along is to go and ask them in person. Seriously, this makes a huge difference. Do it this week. If you can’t do that, then write a letter today. Then come to the event yourself. This is a blogger’s campaign: blogging has made this happen. We have made this happen, and we need to see it through.

(Dan Hardie’s resources for this campaign, including a proforma letter, are here.)