Iraqi Employees: Action Alert

We’ve said this before: but it’s worth saying again. In fact, it’s never been more worth saying. Now, British forces in southern Iraq actually are drawing down, and the government still doesn’t want to take the people who worked for us along.

If you are resident in the UK, please take a moment to read this post, mention it on your blog, and write to them. We currently need an MP to help organise a lobby of Parliament, and we need them now; time is running out, for good tactical reasons.

There’s also a petition here. Graphics are here, and there’s video here. Time is short.

2 thoughts on “Iraqi Employees: Action Alert

  1. If you are right and america has nothing to fear from immigration, then everything will be ok for us no matter what we do. If we increase immigration from its current 1 million per year, we’re ok. If we stop all immigration, we’re ok. But if anti-immigrationists are right, that this is a huge, unprecedented, risky experiment in changing ourselves into a majority non-white nation as quickly as possible, then everything will not be ok no matter what. That is why the anti-immigrationists show more prudence. Their course of action is the safe one, in which the US will come out alright whether or not massive third-world immigration is a disaster in the making.

    Here is some data for you to chew on:

    Debunking the Myth of Immigrant Criminality: Imprisonment Among First- and Second-Generation Young Men

    By Rubén G. Rumbaut, Roberto G. Gonzales, Golnaz Komaie, and Charlie V. Morgan
    University of California, Irvine

    “Second Generation

    Incarceration rates increase significantly for all US-born coethnics without exception. That is most notable for Mexicans, whose incarceration rate increases more than eightfold to 5.9 percent among the US born; for Vietnamese (from 0.46 to 5.6 percent among the US born); and for the Laotians and Cambodians (from 0.92 percent to 7.26 percent, the highest of any group except for native blacks). Almost all of the US born among those of Latin American and Asian origin can be assumed to consist of second-generation persons, with the exception of Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, whose numbers may include a sizable number (around 25 percent) of third-generation individuals. (Since 1980, when the questions on parents’ country of birth were dropped, the decennial census has not permitted the precise identification of second vs. third or higher generations.)

    Thus, while incarceration rates are found to be extraordinarily low among immigrants, they are also seen to rise rapidly by the second generation. Except for the Chinese and Filipinos, the rates of all US-born Latin American and Asian groups exceed that of the referent group of non-Hispanic white natives.”

    Also see: “Minority Scores Lag on Teaching Tests”

    “The minority failure rate has been demonstrably higher than among whites since the test’s inception nearly a decade ago, according to state statistics, which show that 52 percent of Hispanic applicants and 54 percent of black applicants fail the writing portion of the exam. By comparison, 23 percent of whites fail. Black and Hispanic teachers also lag behind white teachers in major subject tests such as English, history, and math.”

    Also see: “Coming US Challange: A Less Literate Workforce”

    excerpt: “”There is no time that I can tell you in the last hundred years” where literacy and numeracy have declined, says Andrew Sum, director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston and one of the report’s authors. “But if you don’t change outcomes for a wide variety of groups, this is the future we face.”

    The decline in literacy is one of the more startling projections in a report that examines what it calls a “perfect storm” of converging factors and how those trends are likely to play out if left unchecked.

    The three factors identified are: a shifting labor market increasingly rewarding education and skills, a changing demographic that include a rapid-growing Hispanic population, and a yawning achievement gap, particularly along racial and socioeconomic lines, when it comes to reading and math.”

    This experiment in transforming america is very risky. As the above articles show, things may or may not turn out ok. If we stopped all immigration right now, these problems would still be with us and growing. With current immigration policies they will grow faster. If amnesty is passed and immigration increased, the problems will accelerate unimaginably. There is more to being against massive third world immigration than knee-jerk racism. This issue is by no means cut and dried. Prudence tells me that all immigration should be stopped now. When you are in a hole, first stop digging.

    A good site for you to educate yourself from is Steve Sailers,,, and Audacious Epigone. If you knew all the facts, you would be anti-third world immigration too.

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