I’m frightened

This story from a week ago frightens me greatly. The lack of attention it has gotten is remarkable.

?Until recently we would find giant ?chimneys? in the sea where columns of cold, dense water were sinking from the surface to the seabed 3,000 metres below, but now they have almost disappeared,? he said.

?As the water sank it was replaced by warm water flowing in from the south, which kept the circulation going. If that mechanism is slowing, it will mean less heat reaching Europe.?

Such a change could have a severe impact on Britain, which lies on the same latitude as Siberia and ought to be much colder. The Gulf Stream transports 27,000 times more heat to British shores than all the nation?s power supplies could provide, warming Britain by 5-8C.

Obviously, Sweden would be hit even worse. But the consequences could be severe for the whole world.

Metro-Land links to this cover story for the January 1998 issue of The Atlantic Monthly tells why this is so scary, gives you other reasons to be frightened, and mentions possible ways to counteract a catastrophe. Fatalism is the wrong approach.

Also of interest is the recent articles from the New Yorker and the Wikipedia entry.

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