I’ll never look at the Euro the same way again

And before anyone suggest it, this Russian advert is not going to be the new Fistful of Euros logo.

Any Russian speakers who can say what the text in the advert means?

9 thoughts on “I’ll never look at the Euro the same way again

  1. Lilli Marleen asks: “But what will come out?”

    Cents, many, many little happy and playfull Cents.

  2. I stand corrected: Aleks is right.

    But give me a little slack, Aleks – isn’t it true that that last word is cut off, so that it looks like “day” (“dyen”) rather than “money” (“dyengi”)?

  3. Thanks for the information, folks. And if they’re both devalued by the experience, will they still respect each other’s convertability in the morning?

  4. To Comrade MAO:

    This is why I hadn’t bashed your knowledge of Russian. Rather I just humbly corrected it. Yes, the last word was cut off. And yes, the word “dyen” is the word for “day, although it has a silent sibol at the end. However, if you’re being nit-picky, there was no word for “happenning”. And in the whole context, the last word is “dyengy” rather than “dyen”. Also, it wouldn’t make any sense (ha ha) to put the ad for the journal about what is happening in the day. 🙂



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