i see dominos

The Jacksonauts make their contribution to public discourse:

MPs were given a stark warning this week: "We've already lost Turkey, Lebanon is gone too" – and now the west can't afford to lose Egypt.

The bearer of this message was Mort Zuckerman, the American newspaper and property mogul. He was in Westminster as a guest of the neoconservative Henry Jackson Society, which boasts Michael Gove and Nick Boles among its supporters.

Well, yeah: thanks for that. Allegra Stratton says that the Tories are divided over Egypt and suspicious of their soft-on-the-muslims coalition chums. Well, probably. It’s not a three line whip issue. Personally I think Cameron has been a distinct improvement on this predecessor but one on this. I heard him yesterday going on about how despicable the violence was and thought he sounded…well, quite sweet, really.

The worst prospect for people like the Henry Jackson Society is if the Egyptian revolution succeeds and doesn’t lead to the Brothers establishing the Nilotic branch caliphate. It’s not a result you’d welcome if your financing and raison d’etre is threat-mongering. A lot of so called anti-jihadists have already flipped over into alternate reality, but that’s not an option if you have pretensions to respectability. Not so much, anyway.

2 thoughts on “i see dominos

  1. I think it’s interesting that of all the foreign leaders who could have potentially popped up in Cairo to meet with everyone, it’s Greek PM George Papandreou who is taking the plunge. Of course there is a strong historic and geographic context in which it makes sense, but I doubt it was many people’s prediction.

  2. As the article points out, calling the Erdogan government extremist already presages a shift to an alternate reality.

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