In the wake of Germany-Argentina, I think it’s fair to say that perhaps a lot of the national soul searching about the England team is wasted. Even this initially attractive analysis. The explanation is very simple: Germany are fantastic, will probably win the World Cup, will probably win the European Championship, and might win the next World Cup as well.

In many ways, they implement one of the essential, classic approaches to football – push and run.

Chris might have a point in an inverse sense; if you wanted an anti-Taylorist approach to football, Germany would do rather well. No beanpoles, stars, ball-hoggers, or goal hangers. Just eleven very good general-purpose players with a wide range of skills, operating in a plan with broad outlines and lots of scope to adapt.

J. Carter Wood reports, amusingly, on the team’s impact on sociologists; the Prenzlauer Berg blog has a practical solution.

7 thoughts on “Germany!

  1. The German team has looked very convincing in pounding both England and Argentina. Still, there was that Serbia game. I’m all for not counting chickens before they hatch, even in this World Cup, let alone the next one. Brazil at home will certainly start as prohibitive favorites.

  2. I remember, maybe wrongly so, that Klose is at his 100th game and might very well break Maradona’s WM goal record. But he’s no star. He’s no star because an economics commenter has discovered a new model: push and run.

  3. I think a key event here is that Germany’s “star” (if he is one, outside of media attention), Michael Ballack, couldn’t play this WM.

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  5. So “Germany will probably win the World Cup”.

    Mr. Harrowell, what a missed chance to keep quiet.

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