German Vox Populi

Via Flemish newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen I happened upon this ZDF poll (pop-up, right of screen with header Blitzumfrage nach der Wahl) which would indicate that a large majority of German voters, about 70%, are unhappy with the election results.

The grassroots of both FDP (88%) and CDU/CSU (81%) are particularly unhappy, followed by Linke.PDS (69%), Gr�ne (68%) and SPD (61%).

33% of the polled voters seem to prefer a Grand Coalition between Schr�der’s SPD and Merkel’s CDU, and half of those would like to see Schr�der leading that coalition, with Merkel getting 43% of the votes. Interestingly, the Jamaican (CDU/CSU + FDP + Greens) option still comes second with 26%.

These ‘results’ contrast nicely with the following quote, taken from this BBC News article:

Mrs Merkel has urged Mr Schroeder’s SPD to “accept that they are not the strongest party” and enter talks on forming a broad coalition under her leadership.

Both parties will be holding talks later this month with smaller parties in a bid to find coalition partners, as neither side wants to cede power to the other in a joint “grand coalition”.

I would like to invite readers who are familiar with public discourse in Germany, and I use the word ‘public’ as in ‘pub talk’, to give their impressions. After all, politics is about the people. Or isn’t it?

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4 thoughts on “German Vox Populi

  1. I would like to point out that Mr. Merkel’s interests differ from the party’s interests. She needs to form a coalition and head it. Anything else means she’d be finished.

    If she fails the vote in the new Bundestag, there will be another CDU candidate. In fact, they’d field him in the second round of votes for chancellor hoping to convince either the SPD to yield or to head the field in a second dissolution.

    I talked to people in a cafe. Our conclusions were grand coalition under some other CDU chancellor or new elections.

  2. One of the interesting things about the vote for an alternative CDU/CSU candidate is that it’s now highly unlikely to be Stoiber: the Union’s vote fell by over 9% in Bavaria to give them their worst result ever – and significantly the biggest fall in the country (next biggest drop was -5% in Saarland)

  3. Mentioning the Saarland: The Left party got some 18% of the votes there! It seems Oskar Lafontaine is still quite popular there.

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