German Factory Orders Are Down

Das Ordervolumen in der Industrie hat sich von M?rz auf April vorl?ufigen Angaben zufolge[2] preis- und saisonbereinigt[3] um 2,9% verringert, nachdem es im Monat zuvor deutlich angestiegen war (+2,1%). Der Nachfrager?ckgang im April war vor allem auf die Abnahme der Auftragseing?nge aus dem Ausland zur?ckzuf?hren (-5,2%). Die Bestellt?tigkeit im Inland verringerte sich demgegen?ber weniger deutlich (-0,6%).

German Economy and Labour Ministry

Doesn’t this just serve me right, and illustrate Murphy’s law. The first bit of news after I decide to ditch Bloomberg is only available in German! Still, and now cribbing shamfacedly from Bloomberg, I think it is saying:

Factory orders in Germany, Europe’s largest economy, dropped in April for a third month in four……… Orders fell 2.9 percent from March, when they gained 2.1 percent.

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2 thoughts on “German Factory Orders Are Down

  1. Industrial order volume in april dropped by 2.9% corrected for inflation and season. It had risen 2.1% in the previous month. Export orders: -5.2% Inland orders: -0.6%

    Comparing pairs of months march+april vs. january+february: -0.4% export: -1.3% inland: +0.5%
    Vorleistungsg?ter (what ever that be – possibly semi finished goods): -1.1%
    investment goods: +0.1%
    consumer goods: +0.2%

    greatest changes: inland investment: +3.3%
    inland consumer: +1.4%

    compared to previous year: -0.5% export ,+2.1% inland: -2.8%

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